Creating an on-line presence is essential. From the designers perspective, it has it's own vernacular from print and the results are more immediate. There isn't a proofing stage or the press checks of print. When web pages go "live" after hitting the button... they really are live. Think of it as the difference between live theater and a making a film - the results are more immediate and have their own set of challenges.  HTML coding, CSS, usability functions and navigation are areas that make this area of my work really enjoyable, challenging and constantly evolving.

Web design offers the unique opportunity to really deep dive into one's customer base. One can capture how the consumer navigates through a site to find out what catches their attention. In that respect, it is very much like direct mail. There are little bits of minutiae that can make a big difference in having a consumer enjoy the web experience and come back for more. This returning customer offers the opportunity to build a dialog and build a brand that both parties enjoy.  And because of the immediacy to see the results of the interaction, it's like getting the standing ovation of applause in live theater. Love it.