I have over 20 years of experience in building brands from scratch, adding structure, creating content and making things beautiful — including brands from NY to California, to the Middle East and beyond. Whether the product is more actual or an intangible, I have experience in conveying the benefits, the value and not just features.

Target markets are not the same. Understanding people from various backgrounds is important. When you look at my resume, you will see my clients are from around the world. A global perspective is important and business today is global... and currently so is your market.  I have worked for some of the most high profile brands in the world (like Revlon, McDonalds, Wrigley, Marlboro) and have enormous experience in multicultural work for a variety of target markets. 

Regardless of the market, the deliverable is up to you. I have EXTENSIVE experience in print and digital. So I can tell you when your vision is within your budget OR if the timeline is reasonable. I can accurately convey the project management aspects of the work so you stay informed and a breast of key decisions along the process. Your project won't go over budget or off the rails.

Time is cash so I thank you for taking the time to look at my site. Need help? I'm right there. Is there something you are not sure of? Get in touch and lets discuss. Let me know your concerns and I can direct you to the best of my abilities. Not sure of your budget or how much time it will take to do a project? Let's sit and break it down together to the important top line needs are met. 

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