The Leave Behind, the Brochure or the Take-With.

All of these phrases best describe what your customer is left with when you walk out of the room or out the door. At it's best, these printed pieces need to leave an overwhelming impression of  "YES! - I'm it" to your customer. Many times, they also can say "when you are ready in a month, 6 months or a year, I am your go-to person." It's  building credibility and street traction to what you  offer.

The brochure and sales presentations are the nuts/bolts of business and tools for a sales team. It  helps your customer build an awareness about you,  gets them to sign on and builds a comfort level.  Many require technical information to be presented clearly to answer questions and make it easier to do business. A good brochure, take-with, newsletter or sales presentation will do a wonders for your business. It is what I do best. You will too.